Paveset America LLC.

Specializing in Airport Milling, Airport Paving and Computer Assisted Paving

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Helping Contractors throughout the paving industry meet and exceed tough Specifications

Committed to providing superior quality paving services and products that range from elevation control of asphalt paving surfaces and providing smooth pavements using Paveset's Road Design System.

Paveset was originally developed by a group of Australian surveyors in the 1980's and was introduced to North America in the 1990's. Paveset's research and development team is based out of Australia and continues to strive to create unique products for the paving industry.

Paveset's Grade Control is being used by contractors and engineers in the asphalt paving industry and is highly successful in meeting the FAA spec for grade control.

2017 Excellence in Paving award in Colorado- Used by Aggregate Industries at Centennial Airport

2018 Excellence in Paving award in Oregon- Used by Riverbend Materials at Salem Airport.

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