Tomorrow's Technology for Today's Paving
grid paving on a radius


Design softwarePaveset uses the Survey Profiler or the ES2000 Profilograph to run over the section of road prior to paving or milling that gathers the shape of the road. Once the data is gathered the unique design software can design an overlay for smoothness and crossfall or a milling cut for smoothness and cross fall prior to paving.

Data can be gathered in hours vs days (conventional survey) A big time saver for designing roads. Once the data is gathered Paveset's design software uses a unique graphical approach for smoothing the road. Material constraints can be adjusted, and a variable depth overlay can be created ready for input for the Paveset Grade Control System.

If you are designing overlays, and want to minimize the quantities while getting superior results, the Paveset Road Design System might be the answer to your needs.