The Road Design System can cut surveying time by 25 times vs conventional methods.
survey profiler for designing roads and checking smoothness

Survey ProfilerMilestone asphalt plant featuring secondary containment for fuel storage tanks and dust control by watering vehicle pathways

The Paveset Survey Profiler serves two different purposes. 1. The Survey Profiler measures road smoothness. 2. The Survey Profiler gathers the shape of the road with the ability to design roads with the Road Design System

The Paveset Survey Profiler is ideal for designing existing roads for rehabilitation or reshaping of the road. The design principal works off a best fit calculations. Material quantities are easily calculated and designs can be created by minimizing material quantities, thus saving money. 
 The Survey Profiler is a high speed way of surveying. It gathers the shape of the road while creating a smooth overlay or milling cut,The design can be downloaded to the Paveset Grade Control, ready to pave in seconds

This unique approach can save time roughly 25 times vs conventional survey methods. It is ideal for designing overlays for correction of bumps, dips, and crossfall while maintaining material constraints.

The Survey Profiler also conforms to most Profilograph and IRI International Roughness Index Specifications.