The Road Design System can cut surveying time by 25 times vs conventional methods.
Paveset Grade Control has been used on thousands of airport paving projects

Grade Control

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Bluetooth Paveset 2008The PAVESET Grade Control System connects to existing controls on asphalt paving and milling machines. The system dispenses with the need to set up string lines without sacrificing the accuracy of the finished product. The "string lines" are modelled in the computer's memory - this alone allows significant productivity increases by reducing truck turnaround time and eliminating time usually taken to set up string lines. PAVESET operates on actual pavement thickness to be laid. Instead of setting the string line, an operator can insert half of a runway into PAVESET before two men can set up 200 feet of string line!

Thicknesses can be entered with corresponding stations, can be transferred from a spreadsheet, can be manually entered, or can be transferred from the PAVESET Road Design System (RDS). Once the data is acquired and the correct fill depths are entered, the actual paving operation is ready to commence. The paver operator simply enters the correct station, paver location, and paving direction (increasing or decreasing stations). Once connected to the paver, the Grade Control System controls the tow point hydraulics. The system uses the ground as its reference, controlling one side or both sides of the paver. [ Grade Control computer ]

All thicknesses are entered as a "compacted thickness". A compaction factor is added to each of these numbers to allow for the proper roll down of the material (e.g. 25% compacted thickness of 0.10 ft. = 0.125 ft. loose thickness). A measuring wheel is used to track stationing, with all features monitored and adjusted as the paving operation proceeds. As the measuring wheel approaches the next survey point, the PAVESET Grade Control System pulses the tow point solenoids up or down, depending on thickness required at each station. A continuous rolling map of the thicknesses and stationing is displayed to monitor that the station and the loose depth placed is correct.

  • Bluetooth compatible- monitor the paving screen from 35 feet away.
  • Ability to program 30 paving lanes paving lanes, 5 miles long
  • Sonic Sensors for easy manuvering

    All files are in ".CSV" format, fully compatible with Microsoft Excel software