The Road Design System can cut surveying time by 25 times vs conventional methods.


profilograph picture of setup

The trailer mounted sensor beams can be towed behind any vehicle, automatically plotting level and crossfall changes. Gathering cross sectional information every 12.5 feet longitudunally and 5 feet transversely, the data is stored into the computer at a speed of 5 MPH. A plot of the surface profile and cross sections can be produced by the software. This system also meets all profilograph specifications.

The PAVESET Model ES2000 Profilograph is a 25 foot “California-Type” profilograph that gathers two wheel paths of data simultaneously. The unit correlates with traditional “push behind” profilographs, and the set-up time for operation is only five minutes. The software runs on a standard PC with Microsoft Windows operating system (just point the mouse for operation and instruction). It can cut profiling time by more than 50% over traditional push behind models!


  • Profiles two wheel paths simultaneously
  • Computer is standard IBM compatible with Microsoft Window's operating system
  • Software is a menu driven program (Just point the mouse and click for operation and instruction)
  • Towable - Trailer hauled and Trailer operated
  • Approximately 5 minutes to assemble for operation
  • A saved file may be substituted in lieu of lengthy profilograph plots (Software for viewing is offered to transportation agencies free of charge and can be installed on any compatible computer)
  • Printouts of plots and information are printed on sheets easily filed (A4, letter, legal)
  • Operates in English and Metric units (English subplots=528 feet, metric subplots=100 meters)
  • The ES2000 conforms to ASTM specifications for automated profilographs
  • Store and retrieve information (Windows Software program)
  • Computerized digital display of station and deviation
  • Adjustable parameters for any type of specification (Blanking Band Width & Must Grinds)
  • All measurements are computerized - No hand calculations
  • Plots two traces on the same page for comparison purposes
  • Safety - the operator is safely inside the hauling vehicle while operating
  • Requires only one person to operate, with the driver of the vehicle also the profilograph operator
  • Power to the system is through the vehicle (i.e., cigar lighter)
  • Program allows for vertical and horizontal curves by adjusting station prior to and ending the curves. This can be matched to exact stationing by keying in longitudinal distances (This is helpful when locating must grinds and is helpful in the design process)