Paveset was developed by a group of Australian surveyors
historical smooth paving results


paveset logoPAVESET was designed by a group of Australian surveyors who had been setting stringline grade control for many years. The system was first implemented in 1985 in Australia and introduced in the United States in 1992. The PAVESET computerized device is patented by Engineering Systems Party of Australia. PAVESET"S profilographs were designed as a way of smoothing a road for the computerized grade control device. This system is currently being used to eliminate the surveying data for roads that need to meet a smoothness specification.

Paveset America, LLC. was established in 1993, and has been marketing, selling, and training PAVESET products to interested parties throughout North America.
The FAA's Specification is considered the toughest paving requirement in North America. The PAVESET Grade Control device has been successfully used on over 1,000 Airport paving projects. The PAVESET system has demonstrated to contractors exceeding this specification with greatly increased production. It has worked so well that design engineers have been specifying PAVESET for ever increasing numbers of paving jobs!

PAVESET has developed a profilograph that measures road smoothness, and has since developed a non contact Survey Profiler that gathers the shape of the road and software that can design overlays for smoothness and material constraints.

As the future is bound with new specifications and tougher requirements for pavement refurbishment, PAVESET is considered the leader in producing new and innovative techniques for use in the construction industry.